AJAC EcoMonth

About AJAC EcoMonth

Our annual EcoRun event has now become EcoMonth, in which we will devote the entire month of September to educating consumers on the merits of electrified and fuel-efficient driving, all while maintaining a physical distance. EcoMonth activities will take place across Canada in AJAC journalists’ home markets with location visits and drive routes mapped for between 20 to 25 member participants. This allows us to communicate the many health and economic benefits of clean driving and technology to Canadians in a manner that’s safe yet effective for all involved.

WHERE: Across Canada, with events planned in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

WHEN: Tuesday September 1- Friday October 2, 2020

WHO: AJAC Journalist members and automaker/sponsor partners

VEHICLES: As arranged through EcoMonth committee and automakers, based on availability in each market

Participating Vehicles:

Attending AJAC Journalists

Member Articles

  1. Episode 106 - 2020 Honda Clarity PHEV Review!

    Kenneth Bokor

    I get my hands on a capable and competent PHEV to test for a few days, the Honda Clarity. My thanks to Honda Canada for the test car and I hope you enjoy my ...

  2. Making the leap to electric

    Kelly Taylor

    In Norway, in March of 2019, something happened that would be utterly unthinkable in North America. Electric vehicles took over the market.

  3. Road Test: 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime | Vicarous Magazine

    Dan Heyman

    It should come as no surprise; the 2020 Toyota RAV4 Prime is a PHEV developed by a manufacturer seasoned in the art of the hybrid.