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Recent Articles:

  1. Making the leap to electric

    Kelly Taylor

    In Norway, in March of 2019, something happened that would be utterly unthinkable in North America. Electric vehicles took over the market.

  2. Automotive News :: The Altimate sedan?

    Kelly Taylor

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — At a time when carmakers are dropping sedans like hot potatoes,

  3. Automotive News :: At the top of its class, with a foot on the gas

    Kelly Taylor

    VERNON, B.C. — When Mazda Canada’s Mark Peyman said the 2018 Mazda6 was the first

  4. Automotive News :: A smarter choice

    Kelly Taylor

    OTTAWA — It is, interestingly enough, an increase in computing power and not a change

  5. Automotive News :: Outlander PHEV full of pep

    Kelly Taylor

    VANCOUVER — Mitsubishi describes it as “the most significant model launch in our history.” For

  6. Automotive News :: The posh and the powerful

    Kelly Taylor

    DENVER — Ford has hit a home run with its latest diesel offering in the

  7. Automotive News :: A total Eclipse from the start

    Kelly Taylor

    MONO, Ont. — We’re here in Mono, just down the road from Stereo, to watch

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