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The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) is an association of professional journalists, writers, videographers, photographers and corporate entities whose focus is the automobile and automotive industry.

AJAC journalist members represent Canadian automotive journalism at its highest level, providing honest, informed and original perspective on the subjects we cover. We are not compensated by the manufacturers and strive to report consistently and without bias, ensuring the content we create is trustworthy, helpful and entertaining for Canadian consumers.

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  1. William Clavey


  2. There should be a parking spot for Janet Guthrie in NASCAR Hall of Fame

    Timothy Miller

    Will 2021 finally be the year racing pioneer Janet Guthrie gets recognition, wonders Tim Miller.

  3. KIA Niro Électrique | Montréal-Manic-5 En Moins D'une Journée l'Hiver, C'est Possible?

    William Clavey

    Voici le projet le plus ambitieux jamais réalisé par l’équipe d’AutoPassion! Nous avons décidé de tester l’autonomie du Kia Niro EV 2020 en tentant de nous r...

  4. On a joué à Gran Turismo Sport avec Nissan, et voici ce qu’on a appris

    William Clavey


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