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The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) is an association of professional journalists, writers, photographers and corporate entities whose focus is the automobile and the automotive industry. The majority of our journalist members test drive and report on new vehicles on an ongoing basis in various forms of media across the country.

An integral part of the association is our annual Canadian Car and Utility Vehicle of the Year awards program, designed to inform Canadians about which vehicles are best suited to Canada’s unique driving conditions.

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  1. Home on the Range Anxiety

  2. EcoRun Fuel Economy Challenge puts Manufacturer Ratings to the Test – WHEELS.ca

    EcoRun is gathering of Canadian journalists who set out to test a selection of the most fuel-efficient new cars for sale on the market. The goal is a simple one: drive a pre-planned route in a variety of eco-friendly cars and try to eke out the best efficiency from them.

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  1. Jaguar F-Type SVR Offers Blistering Performance and Rock Star Looks

    Timothy Miller

    Jaguar F-Type SVR Offers Blistering Performance and Rock Star Looks


  2. Automotive News :: The Altimate sedan?

    Kelly Taylor

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — At a time when carmakers are dropping sedans like hot potatoes,

  3. 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    James Park

    More power? Here you go! By James Park


  4. Looking Left? Look to Your Right, Too!

    Jil McIntosh

    Turn your head when you turn your vehicle.


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