Become an AJAC Member

Journalist: A person whose job consists of writing, developing, and/or editing automotive-related material. To apply, see instructions below.

The AJAC constitution defines "journalist" as follows: … specialize in reporting on the automobile. In this context, ‘journalist’ is intended to include, but not necessarily be restricted to, writers, photographers, editors, broadcasters, artists, film-makers and publishers. Members need to write about automobiles, but do not specifically have to be car reviewers.

Please note that access to press vehicles is at the discretion of the manufacturers, and while membership in AJAC denotes credibility, it is not a guarantee of acceptance by automakers. Driving and judging at TestFest (Canadian Car of the Year) is by invitation only, depending on an AJAC member meeting specified criteria, and membership is not an automatic invitation.

Note also that AJAC is an association of professional automotive journalists, not an apprenticeship or mentoring program. You must be actively working as a paid journalist, not trying to become one.

Dues: $200 + HST


Applications are reviewed by the AJAC Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

Applicants must demonstrate a level of professional writing commensurate with AJAC's established standards. In other words, an applicant's work must express original thought, be factually accurate, and demonstrate that the applicant has a fundamental understanding of what he/she is writing or talking about to warrant approval.

Applicants need to have been working for at least two full years in Canada. In addition, applicants must be paid for their work.

If you are interested in becoming a Journalist member, then please send us an email ( that includes:
a. Outlet information: who do you write or broadcast for? How long? How often?
b. A one-page letter explaining why you wish to join AJAC.
c. Two references from supervisors or colleagues or existing AJAC members. One of your sponsors must be an AJAC journalist member for at least one year and be personally acquainted with yourself, and your work, for at least six months.
d. Three PDF samples of your published work. For broadcast, three links to video and/or radio clips. Samples should demonstrate a history of work over the past 12 months.

NON-MEDIA CATEGORIES (Non-voting Members):

Corporate members: an OEM (car manufacturers) member of the association.

Associate Corporate member: A business that is not an OEM member. To apply, please send an email to stating why you wish to join and provide a brief description of your company and/or professional service.
Dues: $935 + HST.

Honorary Member : Awarded to founding members of the association (November 14, 1981) or to other journalist members for outstanding service to the association.

Friend of AJAC: A former AJAC Journalist member who has changed careers, or a non-journalist member of the Canadian automotive industry who wishes to remain in contact with the Association. Friends of AJAC may access the member directory but do not attend AJAC events or receive other benefits of Journalist membership. Friends of AJAC also have the ability to purchase an annual travel insurance package.
Dues: $30 + HST.

About AJAC

The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) is an association of professional journalists, writers and photographers whose focus is the automobile and the automotive industry. The majority of our journalists test-drive, and report on, new vehicles on an on-going basis in various media across the country.

We offer our expertise to consumers in a variety of ways so that they may benefit from our journalists' professional experience.

If you have a question about automobiles, we encourage you to read our journalists' articles in newspapers and magazines, listen to their radio programs or watch their television shows all across Canada.