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Stephanie is the current president of AJAC and is a multiple award-winning full-time freelance automotive journalist based in Toronto. Areas of expertise include family vehicles, road trip travel, road safety, industry reporting, and motorsport.


Recent Articles:

  1. How does Lexus keep winning so many dependability awards?

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    There are a few reasons, but so much of it just comes down to culture


  2. ‘Ford v. Ferrari’: Prologue to one of Canada’s strongest Le Mans connections

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    The upcoming film covers Part One of a story that came full circle through Markham, Ontario

  3. Shopping for a large SUV? Allow us to do some van-splaining

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    If you’ll be moving a family around, what you really need is a minivan

  4. 2021 Escalade brings numerous updates to Cadillac technology – WHEELS.ca

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    OLED screens, a new audio partnership, and upgrades to Super Cruise are on deck

  5. SUV Review: 2020 Subaru Ascent

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    Not as fashionable as a luxe brand or as practical as a minivan, but the Subaru Ascent moves a crowd at a very fair price

  6. Perplexed by child car seats? Here’s a look at regulations across Canada

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    It’s a long journey, but we’re here to help you through the three stages of car booster seat your kid will need, from newborn to nine years on

  7. First Look: 2021 Genesis GV80

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    Korea’s luxury marque finally makes with the SUVs by showing its flagship GV80 for the first time in North America

  8. Filippo Perini, Newly Minted Design Head for Genesis, Discusses the Mint Concept – WHEELS.ca

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    You’ve certainly heard of the cars in Filippo Perini’s career highlight reel, though: the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and the Lamborghini Aventador and Urus all were influenced by his hand in varying degrees. He has also worked for Audi and at Italian independent design house Italdesign.

  9. McLaren's New GT is the Essence of a Grand Touring Car

    Stephanie Wallcraft

    This is a ride worthy of B.C.'s Sea to Sky Highway.


  10. BMW Canada sets the stage in Toronto real estate market

    Stephanie Wallcraft


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