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Emma Jarratt is an investigative multimedia journalist in Toronto. She holds a Master of Journalism (2014) from Toronto Metropolitan University and a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton University (2012). Emma is the Executive Editor of Electric Autonomy Canada and previously freelanced in print and broadcast, specifically concentrating on health investigations, the green energy and transportation sector, and politics.


Recent Articles:

  1. This is what I've learned driving my Nissan Leaf through a Canadian winter

    Emma Jarratt

    Driving my Nissan Leaf in winter means a few adjustments. I've learned a lot about weathering blizzards, sleet and low temperatures in an EV

  2. 2021 Transport Canada report shows lack of EV availability across Canada

    Emma Jarratt

    The latest Dunsky-Transport Canada report studies EV availability in Canada as over half of dealerships report no inventory in 2021

  3. Project Arrow and the final mile, APMA says Canada's EV is nearly here

    Emma Jarratt

    At the end of 2022 the real life prototype of the Project Arrow vehicle will be unveiled. Project leader, Flavio Volpe, talks future plans

  4. EXCLUSIVE: Montreal foundation awards $800K in “catalytic capital” to spur electric school bus adoption

    Emma Jarratt

    The Trottier Family Foundation will fund 10 organizations over two years to lobby governments, conduct policy research and build support

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