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I've been writing about cars since 1983, and my work appears in a variety of places. I review new vehicles, write feature articles, and write about old cars.

You can catch me regularly in the National Post and; at (formerly Autos); in the antique-car newspaper Old Autos; in Automotive News Canada; and in the industry magazines Tire News, AutoJournal and Fleet Digest. For many years I was also the Assistant Editor for (formerly

I was a contributor to the Toronto Star's Wheels section beginning in 1987, and for Metro since 2009, until those outlets dropped their freelance writers in 2016.

I also write on other subjects. I'm a contributor to Pen World, a U.S.-based magazine for fountain pen collectors. In the past, I've also written about cocktails and collecting for Sharp magazine, on rural living for Rural Delivery magazine, and for Harrowsmith, Maclean's, Where New Orleans, Collision Management, Cars & Parts, and Canadian Street Rodder.

Join me on my website at, where you can find a link to all of my online car reviews and some of my stories.

Recent Articles:

  1. The Weird Stuff that used to be on cars

    Jil McIntosh

    Killer chrome, horsehair filters, and pretty but pointless headlights were all part of the fun

  2. Busting some fuel economy myths

    Jil McIntosh

    Should you buy your gas when it's cold? Drop your tailgate when driving your truck? Put "fuel-saving" additives in your tank? Find out in my myth-bustin' story over at

  3. How It Works: Regenerative Braking

    Jil McIntosh

    Thanks to this cool piece of tech, electrified vehicles make haste from energy waste

  4. Impressive Iron: Classic Cars at the Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance

    Jil McIntosh

    The Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance Show draws some of the most beautiful cars ever built, and this year's event was no exception. Find out what was there in my story at

  5. In Review: 2019 Honda Civic Si

    Jil McIntosh

    For those who want more than a regular Civic, but don't want to move up to the Civic R, the Si might be just the thing. It's a top-notch handler and more fun than it should be...find out more in my review at

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