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Emily Atkins is a successful amateur racing driver and award-winning writer. A life-long journalist, she has been sharing her passion for cars—and driving them—with readers of numerous automotive publications for the past 10 years. In reviewing vehicles Emily uses her head and heart, looking at drivability, value (does the content match the price), whether the vehicle meets its intended purpose and if it is appealing, visually and viscerally. When she's not writing or on the racetrack, she can often be found running, kayaking or working in her garden.

Recent Articles:

  1. How startups are trying to solve the notorious ‘last mile’ challenges of home deliveries

    Emily Atkins

    Many companies have been looking to automation and remote-controlled vehicles as a solution to the costly challenges of residential delivery

  2. Review: The new Nissan Kicks makeover looks great, but stay in the city

    Emily Atkins

    Lack of grunt makes Nissan Kicks ideal for the city, but not for the highways or rural routes

  3. Review: The new Kia Sorento balances great performance with visibility and safety

    Emily Atkins

    With better rigidity, Kia says the 2021 Sorento is both safer and delivers a more comfortable ride

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